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Abortion Pill - MTP KIT

Abortion pill kit or MTP kit contains Mifepristone & Misoprostol to quit unwanted pregnancy.


Mifeprex is the FDA approved abortion pill in the first 7th week of pregnancy without surgery.


Cytolog is also known as misoprostol. This abortion pill contracts the uterus and expels the embryo & terminates pregnancy.


Mifepristone is anti-progesterone abortion pill which results in termination of the live embryo and causing instant medical abortion.


Misoprostol is an abortion pill reduces the estrogen level in women’s body. It damages the uterine wall and cause medical abortion.

Generic RU486

Generic RU-486 is antiprogestin blocks the women’s progesterone hormone. It exfoliates the uterine wall, open the cervix & eject the embryo out.

What are Medical Abortion Pills?

You can put a stop to early pregnancy if you are within 63 days from last date of menstrual cycle. Medical Abortion pills namely two ingredients, Mifepristone and Misoprostol, are efficient in ceasing pregnancy. Some regions limit the use of these medications within 49 days, while others allow till 63 days of pregnancy cycle. Though surgical abortion procedures exist to null early pregnancy, medical abortion or non surgical abortion is a personal choice, which can be considered as natural miscarriage and a simple process requiring no stitches.

Why to Select Online Abortion Pills?

Choosing to buy abortion pills online has many advantages. You can have a control over decisions,procedure and undertake it in privacy. The site does not discriminate the buyers, while providing information about guidelines, usage of abortion pills, aftercare tips, side effects and risks. We guarantee patients satisfaction with promise of quality medicines. To buy Abortion Pills online are a cost effective way of terminating unwanted pregnancy. You can curtail expenditure on nursing, hospitalizing cost and doctor fee. Being at home, you can get the help you need.

How safe are these Medications for Abortion?

Either you get online abortion pills or avail them from clinics and medical stores. In both these cases, the medications are effective. As key ingredients viz. Misoprostol and Mifepristone are FDA approved, you need not worry of terminal effects, as there are none. However, certain precautions are necessary like getting a health checkup before beginning the process, and later. About 97% patients, who took up this method, opined that it rendered positive results. The recovery from early end of pregnancy is quite quick. You can resume regular lifestyle routine once the symptoms fade.

What can you expect?

While in procedure, heavy bleeding can extend for two weeks, with average spotting for 16 days to a month. After the completion, you can expect normal menstrual cycle within 4 to 8 weeks. Constant abdominal contractions and weakness will affect you. But, if the conditions are manageable, you may not have to meet a doctor. Support from family members and friends can prove to be crucial at this moment. Keep in touch with them, in case you require any emergency aid.

The Procedure of Medical Abortion or Abortion By Pills

The process follows two steps. You may be advised from not consuming oily food items, drinking alcohol and smoking prior few hours of the process. The onset of ending pregnancy is by taking Mifepristone tablets. You do not have to take the medicine with water or chew it. Only put it below the tongue, in the underneath soft cavity. Allow it to soften and melt, then you can consume the remains.

This method should be repeated for 3 times a day, wherein you will begin experiencing abdominal pain and probably little bleeding. This is because; Mifepristone weakens lining of uterine sac that forms placenta and tissues of embryo. As the tablet discontinues production of hormone progesterone, the uterus is not able to form the matter to sustain fertilized egg. Thus, the abortion has already begun.

The second step is to check whether you are feeling the signs of abortion. Plop in 4 tablets of Misoprostol and consume it as like Mifepristone. This pill can be inserted vaginally, but for faster results, try taking it orally. The elements of this medicine bring contractions of womb, leading to heavy flow of blood and clots from vagina. Thus, the abortion takes a full scale pace.

Within a day or two, the uterus is cleaned of pregnancy parts. However, the process can go up to few more days. Consult a physician to know the results. You may need additional ultrasound, sonogram etc, and tests for further steps.

Who Can Consume the Tablets?

You can buy abortion pills online and continue as directed in users guide. However, if you are not yet an adult aged, then parental permission and guidance is mandatory. Those who do not have any serious health issues, and have not exceeded 63 days of gestation, can go ahead with the process. Please keep in mind that in case of failed abortion, you may have to confirm to alternate steps. Thus, an open mind and awareness, along with willingness for check-up with physician will help to achieve best results.

When not to take the Medicine for Pregnancy Abortion?

There are several health problems that can interfere with the functioning of online abortion pills. If you have crossed the duration of 63 days, then the process is not recommended. Other issues that react negatively with Misoprostol and Mifepristone are anemia, inherited porphyria, adrenal failure, severe diarrhea, ectopic pregnancy, blood clotting problem, accumulation of mass in ovary and its tube. Some medications and steroids can interact with key ingredients of the medication. Thus, consult a physician for a follow-up on health before and after non surgical abortion by pills.

Essential Aftercare Tips

When you buy abortion pills online, there is a freedom to monitor the process at home. However, a regular checkup during the course is necessary in identifying risks and completion of abortion. There are very less chances of failure, but, in similar case, you may have to go through surgical operation to remove pregnancy parts. Do not consume any medicines while or after ending early pregnancy, other than abortion pills, until the physician advises for the same. Doctors may advise you to get abundant rest, non-participation in physical hardwork, no intercourse while recovering, and to follow a healthy diet.

The Side Effects

Vaginal bleeding, abdominal cramps are an acceptable part of terminating early pregnancy. This is a suresign that the process is active. However, to ensure the smooth running of the process, visit a doctor after 3 days and the beginning of 3rd week of consuming abortion pills. The usual effects are vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, tiredness, dizziness, headache, mild fever and back pain. These commence after the dosage of Misoprostol, but, can come into effect also later to consuming Mifepristone.

The Risks

The occurrence of risks to tablets is rare. However, some women may have an allergic reaction to the medication, infected blood clots in uterus, or partial termination of pregnancy. In scenario of undetected development of fetus outside the uterus like molar or ectopic pregnancy, surgical process will be required to expel the embryo remains. While heavy vaginal bleeding is deemed normal, continuous flow leading to weakness and other complications should be discussed with doctor.

Future Prospects of Pregnancy

The Food and Drug Administration confirms that Misoprostol and Mifepristone do not have any long term implications. If you want to plan for future pregnancy, then get in touch with a specialist for it. You can plan as soon as recovering from medical abortion. Choose counseling and therapies, if you have any psychological trauma associated with the prior performed procedure. However, understand all the necessary precautions before proceeding.